Flower EssenceSummaryHelps you to:
Apache PlumeLighten-up!Rise above the material limitations of life and gain a higher perspective.
Arizona ValerianCome back to your center.Get in touch with your intuitions and their subtle messages.
Banana YuccaReconnecting with self and others.Connect with your innate power and enjoy sharing yourself with others.
Cliff Fendlerbush“Opening the heart doorway.”Bring life to a closed heart, get in touch with our deepest feelings.
Clustered BroomrapeTo become whole, we must own our own shadow.Identify and relate with parts of ourselves that have been hidden away.
Colorado Blue ColumbineDance your own dance, sing your own song.Have fun and enjoy being truly yourself.
Curly Gumweed“The wound is the place where the light gets in.Stop identifying with your illness and look for the underlying message.
Golden CorydalisAwakening Soul.Get in touch with your soul’s desires.
King Cup CactusManifest your Projects.Find the forthrightness, focus, sharpness and dynamism to manifest your projects.
LarkspurLet your Inner Guidance be your Compass.Find your strength and authenticity to move forward on your path.
MonkshoodBe Compassionate with Yourself.Find the way to wholeness is accepting all parts of ourself.
New Mexico BeardtonguePatience as things take form in their own time.Allow the natural rhythm of life to play out.
Nylon Hedgehog CactusInner Strength.Find an inner force that does not rely on others.
Perky SueSpeak your Truth.Voice your creative urge with true expression.
Prickly Pear CactusMaintaining Personal Space.Create boundaries and healthy distance with others.
Prickly PoppyLet it Flow from Deep Within.Slow down, relax and allow the unconscious realms to come through.
Pussy ToesYou are Held.Remember that you that you are safe.
Sego LilyThe feminine is Rising.Remind men and women to love and honor their feminine.
Flower EssenceSummaryHelps you to:
Tufted Evening PrimroseLighten your Spirit and Connect.Break patterns of negativity and anger and enjoy relationships.
Western Blue Virgins bowerWe are all a Star in the Night Sky.Connect to our inner most essence, our sacred self.
White March MarigoldLet your Soul Shine Through.Remember that to be oneself is without danger.
Whole Leaf Indian PaintbrushReignite the Inner Fire.Connect with your inner fire and your passion.
Wild Red ColumbineAllow your Inner Child to Come out and Play.Get in touch with the playful side of your nature.
Wild SunflowerThe Soul Warms us from Within.Feel the warmth of our embodied soul deep within us.
Wood’s RoseSelf-love is the Starting point for Everything Else.Find our inner parent and love and nurture ourselves.
Yellow Stone CropFeel the Joy of Natural Embodiment.”Feel the joy and pleasure of being one’s body.
BlendsHelps you to:
Creative ExpressionRecognize, tune into and express your authentic creativity.
Love ThyselfLearn to love yourself.
Safe BoundariesKeep your personal, inner space safe.
Soul HealingRelease the old and move forward listening to your soul’s guidance.