Bay Laurel Essential Oil

Bay Laurel Essential Oil


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2.5 ml

Ingredients: Laurus nobilis L.

Origin: France

Plant part: Leaves

Steam-distilled Essential Oil

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I have used Bay Laurel Essential oil (and hydrosol) for years now for its ability to open the throat chakra. We have noticed in our work that many people, especially women have problems and feelings of pressure/tension in their throat chakras. We have come to realize that this often points to a blockage in their true expression and creativity as women. Fear, lack of confidence and an out-of-touchness with their own power holds them back and this holding back creates the uncomfortable symptoms and feelings in this area. Bay Laurel Essential Oil can really help to open this up and support women and men as they learn to connect to their deep inner strength and express it in the world. A much needed ally.  In ancient Rome, public speakers would wear laurel wreaths on their heads for the same reason.

This oil is produced under the French label, the Syndicat des SIMPLES, which was created in 1982 and groups together medicinal plant producers and harvesters. Their mission statement is very strict regarding the environment, the conservation of plant resources and the quality of distillation. Only producers in rural, mountainous, non-polluted areas can apply for this label. This oil is wild-crafted.


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