Devil’s Club Tincture (Wild-crafted)


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1 oz (30ml)

Ingredients: Devil’s club (Oplopanax horridus) in 190-proof (95%) organic cane alcohol


Plant Part: Root

Method: tincture

3 in stock



We wild-crafted this Devil’s Club (Oplopanax horridus) Tincture.

We have always always found Devil’s Club in thick layers of undergrowth in damp, boggy, dell-like area, settled into the shade below  ancient trees. It has large, imposing jagged leaves and stalks densely covered with spines. More animal than plant-like, it conjures up an archaic age of megaflora and fauna emanating a powerful, mythic, elemental energy. It’s like coming across a strange, unknown being from another planet or at least another time. It has a very masculine energy, fiery and Mars-like.

It is a great ally for balancing the sacred, protective, powerful masculine with the inner feminine or Dark Goddess. Unlike the long, deep transformation that the feminine energy demands of us, Devil’s Club is fast and puissant – it transforms things instantly with a fierce magical energy. It is very protective, cleansing and purifying. It can create a crack in everyday reality that enables us to glimpse the transpersonal realms. It demands that we face ourselves and the stories within us that need transforming – especially those related to the inner masculine/feminine balance or union. It isn’t a gentle teacher. On the contrary it is very exigent and has a wildness that is attributed to the sacred masculine – its a power to heal rather than a power for power’s sake.
Great for women working on identifying their inner tyrant ands making space for the emergence of the sacred masculine.


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