Northern Green Bog Orchid


Northern Green Bog Orchid (Platanthera huronensis)

Flower Essence

15ml (0.5 fl. oz.)

Wildcrafted in New Mexico

Available in alcohol or apple cider vinegar

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The Northern Green Bog Orchid (Platanthera huronensis) flower essence helps us to re-connect to ourselves and to others more deeply and authentically. By helping us to slow down and return to our center, we are able to identify and honor our true needs. Things that have been hiding out in the shadow, blind spots that are ready to be revealed are gently encouraged to rise to the surface of our consciousness by the heart-opening energy of this beautiful flower essence. This deeper connection with the self is mirrored by a deeper, gentler connection with the earth, with plants, trees and animals and with our families and partners.

PS: If you ever have the chance to encounter this beautiful rare flower in the wild, kneel down and smell it. It has the most amazing aroma, a mixture of hints of vanilla and sensuality, like a human pherormone. Of course the flower essence has no aroma. You have to meet this wise beauty in the wild for it to share that with you.

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Alcohol, Apple Cider Vinegar


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