Holiday Survival Kit

Holiday Survival Kit


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The kit contains:

St. John’s Wort Essential Oil (2ml)

Angelica Seed Essential Oil (2ml)

Wild Lavender Essential Oil (2ml)

Safe Boundaries Flower Essence Blend (15ml)

Love Thyself Flower Essence Blend (15ml)

In an elegant and practical purple pouch

Flower Essences available in alcohol or apple cider vinegar

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The winter holiday season can be very challenging. Honoring this phase our natural cycle means we should be introspective and huddle with a blanket next to a warm fire, go deep inside, let go of the old and find the stillness within that is reflected in the snow blanketing the winter landscape.

The problem is that our modern society has created multiple pressures and expectations with the frenzy of the holiday season: Christmas parties, shopping in crowds, a constant bombardment of superficial cheer and noise. The challenge is amplified by difficult memories of loved ones that are no longer with us, feeling compelled to spend time with people and family members that are challenging to be around and not being able to have time to feel and process our genuine, complex feelings. This makes it hard to honor what our bodies and souls are really asking for.

It is for all these reasons and more that I made myself a holiday survival kit. I have found it so useful that I decided to share it with you.

It contains five allies to help us:


St John’s Wort essential oil: St. John’s Wort seems to concentrate all that is related to light, sun, and heat. Tincture of St. John’s Wort is sometimes referred to as “sunlight in a bottle.”  I imagine it as being able to light up those parts of us that are in darkness—the shadowy parts full of grief and sorrow. In the middle ages it was given the name “Chasse diable,” which translates as “chase the devil,” because in rural France during this period anyone with signs of depression was considered to be harboring the devil. Of course, depression can come upon us at any time of the year and can be triggered by a myriad of different life situations. It does occur increasingly during the winter months when the pace slows down, there is less sunlight, and things generally take a more inward stance.


Angelica seed essential oil: This is a real go-to oil for me during this season, a real holiday emergency oil. Like its name implies, its angelic quality reaches through all the dimensions and realms of the psyche, helping us to honor all aspects of the self and enjoy this period in an authentic way. I chose the seed rather than the root here, because the seed is light-filled and less heavy than the root with its grounding aspect.


Wild Lavender essential oil: Lavender has a very motherly energy and is excellent at bringing people together in a harmonious way.  Our very special wild lavender essential oil sings a song of nature and simpler times, of reconnection, of the sweet light of love that permeates all and of the wildness within us. Come home, it says, or more precisely, ‘Remember.’ Ideal for this time of the year.


Safe Boundaries flower essence blend:  During this festive period, we may find ourselves surrounded by too many people. This may be at office parties, family celebrations or even crowded shopping malls. If you are an empath and take on other people’s emotions or have difficulty keeping healthy space around you, this flower essence blend is great to have with you at all times.  It is a vital companion for this time of year.


Love Thyself flower essence blend:  The holiday pressures and stresses are often triggered by the pressure and desire to make everyone around us happy with merriment, gifts and attention. What we often forget is that in order to really be there for others, we need to look after ourselves and our own needs first. This combination blend helps us to do this. So, if you have trouble listening your own needs and looking after yourself and as this is intensified during the holiday season then this is a great blend for you.


The kit comes in a purple pouch that is very practical for keeping with you so that you can easily pull out the ally you need at any moment. It also comes with a PDF with suggestions for how to use the allies in the kit.

You can choose the flower essences in either alcohol or apple cider vinegar.

Note: This is a limited edition kit.


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Tincture type:

Alcohol, Apple Cider Vinegar


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