Ginger Lily Root (Kapoor Kachri) Essential Oil


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Ingredients: Hedychium spicatum Sm.

Origin: India

Plant part: Roots

Source: Wildcrafted

Method: Steam-distilled 

13 in stock

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Ginger Lily Root (Kapoor Kachri) Essential Oil is a real find. Kapoor Kachri is the Indian Spiked Ginger Lily. The essential oil is made from the root and has an earthiness and depth and slowly rising from within that a note of hidden light. It gets the blood flowing. It makes us aware of our circulation and the hidden rivers of energy in our body. Along with circulation it helps with respiration. It reminds us that we are always part of the flow, of water, of air, of time. It takes us into the depths of the earth, reminds us that the process that breaks down the old, creates the fuel for the new. There’s a top note that uniquely emerges only slowly after the base notes, like the seed of light from the darkness. It helps with grief and memory. It helps us let go. Its inner blend of earth and celestial realms makes it really magical.

Ginger Lily Root touches a turning point within of what needs to be let go of so deep transformation and healing can take place. It touches the heart and allows love to flow. This creates a feeling of vulnerability and gentleness that seems to ooze from all one’s cells. Tears of joy, sweetness and love can flow. At the same time the earthy notes keep things grounded and help us move on in our lives. To us it’s the new emblematic aroma of the Mortificatio stage, since we have chosen to no longer use Palo Santo, because it is critically endangered. We have been looking for a replacement for Palo Santo due to sustainability issues and we thought this may be the one. 


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