Perky Sue

Perky Sue


Perky Sue (Tetraneuris Ivesiana)

Flower Essence

15ml (0.5 fl. oz.)

Wildcrafted in New Mexico

Available in alcohol or apple cider vinegar

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Perky Sue (Tetraneuris Ivesiana)


Speak your truth.

This essence was made from flowers that grow on the sandy, dry, arid lands of the valley gorge that leads down to the Rio Grande in Taos, New Mexico.

This essence wakes up the second chakra and connects us with our true creative spirit that then brings forth the need to voice the creative urge. The energy of true expression comes from our lineage, our ancestral connection to clan.

This essence will help us to connect to our bloodlines and feel the supporting, life force that comes from this connection and that can then be translated into the voice of authentic creative expression.

If you are having trouble feeling the ‘pulse of creative expression’ in your life, this essence will help you identify and unblock the obstacles that are separating you from your true voice.


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Tincture type:

Alcohol, Apple Cider Vinegar


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