Pinon Pine Hydrosol

Pinon Pine Hydrosol


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60ml (2 oz)

Ingredients: Pinus edulis
Origin: USA
Plant part used: Needles and branches
Source: Wildcrafted
Method: Hydro-distillation

15 in stock

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We wild-crafted and artisanally distilled this Pinon Pine Hydrosol from the sacred pinon pines (Pinus edulis) that live around and protect our earthship on the Sacred Mountain near Taos, New Mexico.

This hydrosol has that sweetness that is unique to the pinon tree.  Although pinon does not grow into a big tree, it is big in other ways. It holds the space here in the mountains of northern New Mexico and makes up in toughness what it is lacking in size. It is very protective and very sweet.

Its pinon seeds have been collected here for thousands of years by the indigenous people, providing much needed nourishment.

This nourishing quality can be found in the energetics of the hydrosols. There is something very nurturing and safe about the smell. It touches us on a deep, soulful level reminding us of the eternalness of life.

We find Pinon Pine Hydrosol a great ally when life gets a bit tough, reconnecting us to the earth, the mountains and ourselves and bathing us in a divine yellow light.




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