Scots Pine

Scots Pine


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Ingredients: Pinus sylvestris
Origin: France
Plant part used: Branches
Source: Wild-crafted
Method: Steam distillation

41 in stock

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 Scots Pine

(Pinus Sylvestris)

This beautiful oil holds the signature of a powerful supportive tree. Scots Pine holds us up both
physically and emotionally. Its warmth and unconditional loving energy nurtures us, if we let it,
in a way that is hard to imagine. Pine exudes nurture and does so unconditionally and
faithfully, you can always depend on pine.
On a physical level, this supportive, nurturing is found in pine’s natural capacity to re-trigger-
tired adrenals, boosting them with energy to help them get back into action. Pine’s force is
nurturing, re-initiating the two fountains of energy from the adrenal glands that give us the
physical motivation we need to function fully here on earth. Pine also bears the weight of the
physical structure that holds us up. It has an anti-inflammatory action on rheumatic and
arthritic conditions and a re-mineralizing action on the bones.
Dr Bach used pine for those people that are constantly putting themselves down, feeling guilty
and never good enough. Scots Pine’s nurturing energy can get through the self-hate and help us feel loved and therefore love ourselves.
Wilhelm Pelikan’s reflection about pine being full of ‘etheric oils (essences) and balsamic resins,
which are an intervention of a luminous and calorific process in the cold areas of the earth,
where the pine originates from”, sums it up well. When feeling cold and in need of support, call
on pine.
For depleted adrenals, a drop of the oil rubbed quite vigorously into the kidney area every
morning for between 3-7 days is very effective. Three days is often enough to get things going
again. We are not looking for pine to bear the job of the adrenals just to get them fully going

More about Pinus Sylvestris here.


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