Texas Cedar Hydrosol

Texas Cedar Hydrosol


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60ml (2 oz)

Ingredients: Juniperus ashei
Origin: USA
Plant part used: Heartwood
Source: Wild-crafted
Method: Hydro-distillation

10 in stock

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We distilled ancient cedar fenceposts from a friend’s ranch in Texas to get this beautiful hydrosol. It smells like the inside of a cigar box and has an energy like an old magician, who ‘sees’ everything from a standpoint of kindness and humanity. This hydrosol is a great ally when you need to enter into a deeper place within yourself, a pace that is alert and yet calm and relaxed. It helps us to slow down, observe the world, let go of our worries and witness the world from a place of detachment. Texas cedar hydrosol is also a beautiful plant medicine to use when communing with your ancestors, meditating or doing ceremony.


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