Yarrow Essential Oil Croatia (Wild)

Yarrow Essential Oil Croatia (Wild)


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2.5 ml
Ingredients: Achillea millefolium L.
Origin: Croatia
Plant part used: Flowering tops
Source: Wild-crafted
Method: Steam distilled

8 in stock

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This beautiful aquamarine colored yarrow essential oil from Croatia sparkles like the gemstone.  Hold it to your nose and stay there, be patient, once you have passed the initial and recognizable yarrow smell, this oil will take you deeper into unfamiliar territory. There is a joy and wildness to this yarrow essential oil from Croatia that is like the wild feminine, gentle with a strength that comes from her total connection the earth. The joy of being alive comes through in this amazing oil. It reminds us that the work of the Wounded Healer may be hard and lonesome sometimes, but the gift of being alive is worth it. If you allow yourself to stick with this oil and feel its essence, you will notice a cellular alignment taking place. It is as if the safe boundaries that yarrow helps us define come from within, from our alignment on all levels to ourselves and to the whole. The deep structure of our being starts at our core. The outer layers are often layers of protection, survival and persona. This yarrow essential oil from Croatia shows us where we are going in order to become our true selves. By doing this, we become aware of the layers that are keeping us from our essence. The journey of the Wounded Healer and of individuation is to peel away these layers to unearth the hidden gem. This yarrow oil from the wild lands of Croatia definitely helps us do this. We are so grateful to be able to offer it. We only have an extremely limited supply, so please only one per order. We feel this is a perfect complement to our French Wild Yarrow. They are like a duet.


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