Green Myrtle Essential Oil (Organic)


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5 ml, 15ml

Ingredients: Myrtus communis L.

Origin: Corsica

Plant part: Leaves

Method: Steam-distilled

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This green myrtle essential oil is from the one myrtle species Myrtus communis that grows in Europe. Green Myrtle grows abundantly in the mediterranean regions of Europe. It is a small, hardy perennial shrub with small thickish leaves with many transparent, essence-filled glands. The whole plant is aromatic. The Greeks and Romans considered Myrtle a sacred plant to the Goddess of love in her many forms: Venus, Aphrodite, etc. Myrtle was thought to promote love and help it to grow, which is why myrtle was commonly used in wedding wreaths. Being an evergreen, suggesting immortality, it was also considered a plant for the end of life. In France a myrtle bush was planted for the birth of a child. Myrtle is really a tree of life accompanying us through all its stages. According to “The Compendium of Symbolic and Ritual plants in Europe” Myrtle also symbolized freedom.

During the general happiness that followed liberation from a tyranny, the sword of the person who had killed the tyrant was crowned with a plaited myrtle wreath.”

We advise the use of this beautiful green myrtle to help support the inner work of healing addiction, self-harm and self-depreciating thoughts and actions. It is very balancing to the psyche and reminds us that self-love and compassion are at the heart of healing. Myrtle helps us cleanse physically and psychically from negative behaviors, thought patterns, emotions and even people. We are finding it very supportive and helpful when working on a new project or taking a new life path or making a big transition in life.

It is said to be helpful to the thyroid by re-invigorating it. The way we feel it works for this is by helping us calms and slow down. Often with hypothyroidism, there is an inner belief or feeling that there is never enough time. We can feel like no matter what, we are lacking time and being pushed to do things faster than feels good for us. Myrtle helps us slow down and expand space and time around us so we are more connected to ourselves and able to live in the present moment and enjoy it.

I have been rubbing a tiny drop of myrtle essential oil on the thyroid area of my throat and then making small tapping motions and find that it really resonates and activates the throat chakra. We also feel there is a link between the ancient symbolism mentioned above of myrtle being used to crown the sword of he who got rid of the tyrant and the inner work of identifying and exposing the internalized tyrant that we all carry within – an important part of healing addiction and thyroid issues.

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5ml, 15ml


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